Bigtymers Basketball Report is the premier scouting report for both boy’s and girl’s high school basketball in the state of Kansas and Missouri. For twenty years, we have been providing college scouts with honest, reliable scouting reports on high school boy’s and girl’s basketball.

We provide this publication for only $49.99 plus tax and promise to showcase some of the top talent here in the entire Midwest. We will supply up to 3 reports per season to every subscribing college and university. We have over 1000 players scouted and evaluated in our system each year and have full intentions of giving you, the subscriber, every needed detail .

College scouts can login and access:

  • scouting reports
  • player profiles
  • on-demand video
  • and much more

Our website combines our experience and expertise on boys' and girls’ basketball scouting with today’s latest technology.  The result?  A powerful tool that empowers college scouts to find the right players for their programs.