Welcome to the Big Tymer Hoops NCAA sanctioned tournaments. 

All colleges can pre-register for every Big Tymer Hoops Basketball Tournament to make checking in quicker and easier when you attend our NCAA sanctioned events.  You also have the option to pre-pay as well but it is not mandatory to pay when you pre-register. We at Big Tymer Hoops will also offer a national scouting publication that will publicize players right here in the midwest for only $39.95. 

You can register by clicking our Bigtymers tab and submitting payment for this publication.

Big Tymer Hoops also provides a host hotel for all colleges that attend our sanctioned events.  You can get information on our host hotel by clicking on the tournament you are attending for the hotel information. 


All tournament teams and schedules will also be posted on the website for your convenience.  Most tournament schedules will be posted at least 3 days before the start of the event.



NCAA Coaches Packet Prices


Date                                Event                         Packet Price

April 19-21,     2013         Heart Showcase             $75   

July  5-7th,       2013        Women’s Top 40             $75             

July  12-14th,   2013        King of the Hill                 $100

July  18-21st    2013         Men’s Top 40                  $100

July   25-28th   2013        Big Show                         $125

Oct   4-6th        2013        Women’s Fall                  $125